Photo: Mark Kitaoka, Hair: Jaymz, Marez Makeup: Amanda Isabelle

Photo: Mark Kitaoka, Hair: Jaymz, Marez Makeup: Amanda Isabelle


Do you play weddings?

Absolutely! The members of Mercy have played hundreds of weddings and would love to play
yours next!

Do you play corporate events?
Yes! We love to help businesses and their clients, partners, and employees make lasting

Do you play (insert event here)?
I suppose what we’re trying to get across is that we will play any event, any place, any time. We
love to perform and we take it very seriously. We take the “having fun” part ESPECIALLY

Do you travel?
Planes, trains, and automobiles! Oh, and boats. If you’re throwing a party, we’ll do our
darnedest to get there.

“I don’t see my favorite song on your list. Will you learn it for my event?”
We believe you should never stop learning, so yes - all reasonable requests will be

Is space/sound an issue?
While we do appreciate a little space to stretch our legs and strut a little, we pride ourselves on
being adaptable and versatile. We’ll bring the same energy to every event, big and small. Also -
we only work with the most reputable and professional sound production companies and engineers. We will always be sensitive to the specific circumstances and volume needs of your event.

What will the band wear?

You tell us! We can dress it up or we can dress it down. One thing remains constant - we do both with style.

Your band seems pretty cool - hey thanks! - but having a horn section/dancers/etc would be way cooler! Can you add that?

Like we said - adaptable and versatile. We’re proud to know some of the best musicians and dancers the world has to offer and we would be happy to augment our band however you see fit.

I noticed that you have Despacito in your promo video. Can you perform other Spanish language songs?

We sure can! Jaque sings fluently in Spanish, and with enough notice we got ya covered!

I’d like further info!

Visit the “Contact Us” page and let’s strike up a conversation!