Photo: Mark Kitaoka, Hair: Jaymz Marez, Makeup: Amanda Isabelle

Photo: Mark Kitaoka, Hair: Jaymz Marez, Makeup: Amanda Isabelle

Jaque Herrera.jpg

Jaque Herrera

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Skilled singer? Check. Professionally trained dancer? Yep. Captivating performer? Oh yea. Jaque is the total package - working professionally since the age of 8, she brings unrivaled experience to every stage she touches. With a big grin and a twinkle in her eye, Jaque has been in demand in every genre of music and performance medium there is, sharing the stage with stars like Mark McGrath, Bret Michaels, Coolio, The Sugar Hill Gang, Tone Loc, Steve Harwell, Lou Gramm, Mickey Thomas, Tony Lindsay, and countless others. She’s also been trusted to sing the National Anthem for the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes, and Livermore Rodeo. The undisputed Queen of Mercy, she’s the only member of the band that can teach you to two-step and salsa dance in the same night.

Kyle Caprista.jpg

Kyle Caprista

Lead Vocals, Percussion, Guitar

Quick with a hug and a handshake (and a contagious sense of humor), Kyle is a whole lotta fun to be around. After spending most of his career as a highly successful session drummer and producer, he is stepping out front in search of shenanigans and smiles. He’s been trusted to share the stage with artists like Mark McGrath, Bret Michaels, Coolio, The Sugar Hill Gang, Tone Loc, Mickey Thomas, Pat Monahan, Steve Harwell, and many others. He was even lucky enough to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Show! Kyle spends most of the Mercy shows looking for fun - he might stop singing on the bar long enough to share a beer with your Dad and cha-cha with your Grandma.

Eric Hayes.jpg

Eric Hayes

Bass Guitar, Vocals

With infectious energy and a radiant smile, Eric is the spark plug of the band! Originally hailing from Ohio, the Buckeye State’s loss is Mercy’s gain. A masterful bass player and committed entertainer who’s quick to laugh, he brings the party to every event and venue he steps foot in. Eric has shared the stage with many legends, including The Black Keys and Digital Underground. Pro-tip: ask him about his amazing sneaker collection.

Danny Blau.jpg

Danny Blau

Guitar, Vocals

A connoisseur of all things media and one of the kindest humans we’ve ever met, Danny brings a wholly unique musical voice to Mercy & The Heartbeats. Sought after as a songwriter and producer, Danny brings an effortless cool to everything he does. As one of Kyle’s oldest friends, they’ve been making music together for over two decades with no signs of stopping. Don’t leave a Mercy show without asking Danny for some fashion advice!

Will Jenkins.jpg

Will Jenkins


Cool, calm, collected, professional, and punctual. That’s our Will! A graduate of the esteemed Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, Will is a gem of the Bay Area session scene. Skilled in all things drums and percussion, he keeps the band on track with his precise playing and tasteful musicianship. Word on the street is he can help you build a recording studio, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Allen Leong.jpg

Allen Leong

Keyboards, Vocals

Every band needs a classically trained musician who can play jazz, and Allen is as good as they come! Sporting a sharp wit and a sunny disposition, Allen is in demand in every genre of music there is. It doesn’t hurt that he has about as much fun behind a set of 88 keys as anyone we’ve ever met. Come to a Mercy show and catch one of his face melting solos!